EZM Gelenk- und Systemtechnik manufactures swivel joints, flexible swivel joints and rotary connections, both on order and for standard supply from our warehouse in nominal diameters ranging from DN20 to DN800, the components being made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. EZM Gelenk- und Systemtechnik offers the full range of services - consulting, engineering, manufacturing and after-sales service - typical of a system supplier for swivel joints.

Wer wir sind


Who we are

EZM Gelenk- und Systemtechnik is a member of the

EZM-Group, a medium-sized enterprise comprising four companies

with over more than 270 employees...


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Unsere Erfahrung


Our experience

Our qualified team

has over 30 years experience in manufacturing

swivel joints, flexible swivel joint systems and rotary connections…


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Unser Anspruch


Our mission

From international corporations to municipal offices – EZM is your reliable partner from the first inquiry through to engineering, manufacturing and shipment...


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